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Researchers, scientists, and experts in the field of artificial intelligence. Find out who are the blog authors and where the idea for the company stemmed from. is an Italian company based in Milan that develops artificial intelligence applied to language. The firm designs and builds virtual assistants, language technologies, and conversational experiences; through its proprietary AI platform it offers multiple intelligent solutions to meet the customers’ needs.

The idea started to take form in 2016 when Enrico Bertino, Marco Falcone, Gianluca Maruzzella, Denis Peroni, and Andrea Tangredi met, five young men this day almost all under the age of thirty. It develops around the mission of combining science, language and design to build leading conversational artificial intelligence tools – solutions capable of creating a positive change for all stakeholders, from a social and economic point of view.

In less than five years of life, the company has developed and validated its organization, the technological platform, the commercial proposal and its sales processes. It has also consolidated its customer base and reliability on the market. has been chosen twice as representative of the delegation of Italian start-ups at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the most important technology event in the world, and has won four times the Gaetano Marzotto award, amongst the most important ones in Italy’s innovation scene.

Today, the company’s team has grown and is proudly diverse. Behind’s screens are researchers, scientists, mathematicians, developers, communications experts and designers.

Many skills need to communicate on a daily basis in order to develop valuable AI solutions. Artificial intelligence is the red thread that unites all these figures, a common passion as well as the heart of the projects developed by

The many experiments conducted in recent years have allowed to discover that the canonical process of building a virtual assistant is very long and complex, involving many people and different skill sets. Discoveries, insights, research, and curiosities related to the world of AI automation, often surrounded by an aura of mystery and distrust, enrich those who write blog articles but also those who, eager to know, read them and share them in turn with their network.

The blog was created consequently to the need to share knowledge with those who, like the team, are passionate about artificial intelligence and technology.

Any type of information, as long as it is truthful and proven, is important to make sense of the complex universe of artificial intelligence and its annexes and connections. The goal is to be a meeting point where you can find interesting data aimed at shedding light on the universe of AI and its many facets, a point of reference in the Italian and international scene to continue to be pioneers in a field in strong expansion and which arouses constant and assiduous interest.