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Share discoveries on the world of Digital Innovation, find curiosities about artificial intelligence, produce insights on how intelligent agents work. revolves around the mission of combining science, language, and design – all fundamental aspects of the conversational experience. This is our approach to digital innovation and AI applications within the company.

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Join the cult, join BERTology

4 minuti A couple of years ago Google released a groundbreaking model that revolutionized the way of representing language in Natural Language Processing (NLP). This new creature takes the name of BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) and can be seen as the successor of another Muppet-named model, ELMo. In less than two years BERT inspired a…

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Teaching computers the meaning of words

6 minuti The interaction between humans and machines is getting more and more natural and accessible, making computers part of everyone’s life. What is the tool that is making this possible? One of the most ancient yet advanced technologies invented by humans: language. The introduction of conversational agents such as Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa…

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NLP & Deep Learning

8 minuti Natural Language Processing deals with the interaction between machines and individuals through human language. This definition is comprised of three main sections: Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, and Natural Language Generation.  In this article our overview will include only the second and the third one, assuming we already have data, such as a large written…

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Calm Technology and Chatbots

3 minuti Our world is made up of information that competes for our attention. What is necessary? What is not it? Technology has become increasingly intrusive, more and more often, our tools are full of tricks designed to constantly try to grab a slice of our attention. We are in relationship with our devices and we don’t…

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Open Rate & CTR: Chatbot Vs Email

3 minuti Email messages tend to be more and more ignored nowadays. The problem isn’t only with email opening but also customers rarely click on any link placed in it. This is mainly caused by advertisers due to a misuse of the channel in terms of quantity and frequency. For instance, a Mailup research reveals that the…

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Do you know what conversational interfaces are?

4 minuti The world could be divided between the ones that know exactly what are we talking about and the ones that may know it but are not sure about it. For this reason we asked to ourselves: Could we explain someone what conversational interfaces are? The technological evolution has put ourselves ahead machines that are able…

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